Third world war!!! Are you ready

If you think it’s going to stop in Israel think again! Someone is playing you for fools and he is among you, leading you!

People of the world
Pay attention
This is not Israel
These Arabs are in Paris, France
Nobody took their land! Their home
This is a country that invited them to stay as guests
This country don’t belong to them
They’re welcome to leave anytime they want
Anytime they want they can go back home
Yet they go to the streets with burning bottles, sticks and stones
They rain war and hate and violence everywhere they go
Enlarge the picture and look in the eyes of those people
Why!!!???... I don’t know.
Maybe it’s time somebody will ask them
Until then this picture speaks 1000 words

אהבת? לחץ כאן וקבל עדכונים על תכנים חדשים שלי
+ שמירה על זכויות היוצרים למאמר באחריות הכותב בלבד


הצג הכל